Management Services

Custom Packages

Triumph Property Services provides single family home, multi-family residential, and small commercial property management services as well as consulting services for select clientele. Several service packages are available to meet client needs, ranging from Full-Service Management and Lease-Up Services to Short-Term Oversight or On-call Consulting.

Triumph Property Services will work closely with you to operate and maintain your investment in accordance with your vision and assist you in choosing the right level of management or consulting services to help you meet your goals. For additional information or assistance to determine what works best for your specific situation, contact the office.

Full-Service Management

Lease-Up Services

Short-Term Oversight

On-Call Consulting

Full Service Management

Managing real estate can be a full time job. Knowledge of the market, legal requirements, and best practices is sometimes best left in the hands of a professional. Professional management allows your money to work for you and reduces the work you do for your money.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Collect rents and other fees
  • Rent-up and re-tenanting services
  • Coordinate resident requests
  • Repair and maintenance contract and oversight
  • Budget and proforma estimates
  • Capital improvement planning and supervision
  • Accounts payable and profit distributions
  • Monthly reports (plus quarterly and annual reports)
  • Regular property inspections
  • And much, much more!

Contact Triumph Property Services for a consultation and rate quote via email or call 650-813-1413.

Lease-Up Services

Often, finding the perfect tenant for your investment property is time consuming, not to mention frustrating. Triumph Property Services can assist you with this task.

Lease-Up Services include:

  • Marketing and advertising strategy development
  • Pre-screening of potential customers
  • Conducting property tours
  • Qualification of prospective customers (application process)
  • Evaluation and comparison of offers
  • Generation of rental agreements per Owner parameters
Short Term Oversight

Sometimes circumstances can lead to necessary absences for owners of residential and investment property and temporary management services are required. If you find yourself in need of interim management or oversight services, contact the office for assistance.

On-Call Consulting

Clients often want to retain their "self-managed" status for tax purposes but have a need for occasional professional services or advice. Triumph Property Services offers on-call consulting services for these clients. Contact the office to learn more.

Telephone: 650.813.1413
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